98% of Puppies in Healthy Pet Stores According to Orange County Florida



(Plus Magazine Editorial): – Orlando, Fla., June 5, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Recently, Orange County Commissioners resumed discussion to impose a pet shop ban in the county. Citing consumer protection as an argument in support of such a ban, Commissioners Emily Bonilla and Nicole Wilson claimed that many sick puppies are coming out of pet stores, straining consumers financially and emotionally. . But Orange County officials admitted at a recent public meeting in May that based on the data collected, 98% of puppies sold at pet stores doing business in the county have returned home with satisfied customers.

Exactly how many sick puppies come from stores that would have to close if such a ban were passed. Mayor Demings was the voice that answered this question. Based on a collection of consumer complaints from various sources, Mayor Demings said a total of 149 complaints were counted, and among these 149 complaints, not all cited health reasons as the basis of their complaint.

Although the mayor did not mention the time frame within which these complaints were filed, given that some Orange County pet stores have been selling puppies for decades, the number of complaints would be considered miniscule compared to others. types of businesses. In fact, 149 complaints don’t seem like much considering they’re based on 8 pet stores selling puppies in Orange County. Mayor Demings also admitted that some of the 149 complaints may well be double-counted complaints from a single consumer, who may have complained to multiple sources.

149 complaints spread across 8 companies on an unknown date seem to be a worrying problem for Orange County Commissioners. But exactly how many puppies were sold by Orange County pet stores? Mayor Demings also answered this question.

Mayor Demings went on to say that the pet stores currently open in Orange County have sold approximately 8 thousand puppies in 2020. For example, Mayor Demings admitted at a public meeting that 8,000 puppies were sold in a single year, which generated a maximum of 149 consumer complaints. In other words, Orange County pet stores have more than one 98% customer satisfaction rate!

If 98% of customers who buy puppies don’t complain, commissioners shouldn’t waste time discussing a ban on the county’s 8 pet stores. Successful retail businesses that generate income and jobs in the county should not be discriminated against, especially businesses that enjoy such extensive public support that more than 8,000 puppies have returned home in a single year.



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