A pet store offers hemp-based products for animals


If pets whose owners buy from Canton’s new Premier Pet Supply seem a little sweeter than normal, there’s a reason.

Located at 1777 N. Canton Center Road, the family-owned store that opened on April 5 is a purveyor of CBD and hemp-related products for pets — plus, of course, all the usual supplies you’d expect from pets. a store named after him – which means it’s not your grandpa’s pet store (although grandpa’s are certainly welcome).

Store manager Steve Shamou revealed that sales have been strong at the family business which prides itself on establishing strong community roots and offering unique products ranging from new wave pet food super fresh with hemp-infused oils and pills that can help soothe and reduce pain for anyone who walks on four feet.

“Things are going extremely well,” Shamou said. “The traffic we have in the store seems to increase every day we are open.

On April 5, there were a lot of four-legged fur men at the Premier Pet Supply in Canton.  Kathleen Higgins has her Cavalier King Charles dogs Saoirse, left, and Teague.

“In addition to having a clean and organized department store that offers a wide variety of items, we have natural and holistic products that you don’t typically find in big box pet stores. Our hemp and CBD products – including oils, shampoos and calming agents – are selling like wildfire.”

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Shamou said there was initial hesitation before the store sold hemp-related products, but regulatory agencies have since given the green light.

“At first there were some labeling issues,” he added. “We were told to proceed with caution, but everything is fine now.”

Hyperactive and critically ill pets can all benefit from hemp products, Shamou said.

“Pets with, say, hip or joint issues seem to respond very well to (hemp and CBD) products,” he said. “And there is a healing aspect to holistic products.”

    Premier Pet Supply recently opened at 1777 North Canton Center Road in Guangzhou.

Premier Pet Supplies makes sure to meet the needs of pet owners who are looking for the freshest food for their four-legged friends, Shamou said.

“What’s new in this industry is providing customers with high-quality foods and ingredients for their pets,” he explained. “There is now a strong push for fresher foods than previously offered. Even dry foods contain the freshest ingredients.”

When it comes to pets available at the store, consumers can find rabbits, guinea pigs, and fish.

“As part of our commitment to the community, we work with shelters and the humane society when it comes to people looking for dogs and cats,” Shamou said. “We have a strong connection with local groomers and vets because, like us, they are family owned and more like mom-and-pop type businesses like us.”

Shamou said the fact that Premier Pet Supply is a family business is appealing to customers.

“Absolutely,” he said. “We find that even millennials are more connected to us because they understand what family businesses bring to the community.”

The Canton location, which has 17 employees, is the chain’s sixth store in metro Detroit, joining facilities in Livonia, Novi, West Bloomfield, Rochester Hills and Beverly Hills.

“What we love about Canton is the steady growth of the community and the vibrant school system, among other qualities,” Shamou said. “When we were looking to add another store, Canton was an easy choice.

“This exact location is ideal because we’re right next to Kroger and we’re right next to a Once Upon A Child store. It doesn’t hurt that there’s also a TJ Maxx in the same complex.”

Premier Pet Supply hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.

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