A warning for pet owners as the 4th of July approaches


The 4th of July is famous for bringing people together, as well as for the fireworks. However, not all family members love screens.

Jamie Relth, communications manager for the Woods Humane Society, said: “The 4th of July is accompanied by fireworks, which are a great fun sight for us, but they are very loud. And dogs and cats have a very good sense of hearing, so they can actually hear a lot better than us, and so those loud noises are even louder and scarier for some of them.

Experts recommend talking to your vet before the holidays, especially if your pet is prone to anxiety or is known to be frightened by loud noises.

Dr. Eric Anderson, director of animal services for San Luis Obispo County, says they are seeing an increase in the number of animals coming to the shelter around this time.

“So we normally tend to see an increase in the number of animals reported as lost around the 4th of July, usually the first two days before that and then also after. And we have certainly seen an increase in the number of animals entering the shelter at this time of year as well,” he told KSBY.

People can file reports for their missing pets by visiting the county’s website here.

Relth says there are ways to keep your pets safe while on vacation.

“Make sure they’re safe inside so they can’t get out, and that really helps to stay with them, to comfort them. You can close the blinds, close the curtains, put on some nice soothing music, or have the TV play so it kind of blocks out some of the noise.

According to Relth, cats are likely to hide nearby, while dogs often run further away, looking for a safe place.

“If you lose a pet, the best thing to do is start looking for it, tell your neighbors, put up signs and notify animal services or the county animal shelter,” said she added.

People can invest in collars with an ID tag, and microchipping is also recommended.

Pet owners can visit the Woods Humane Society to have their pet microchipped. To schedule a microchipping appointment, call Woods SLO at (805) 543-9316 or Woods North County at (805) 466-5403 or visit their website.

“If you’re going out to watch fireworks or other activities and parties, definitely leave your pets at home. They really don’t like it. And while we love taking them with us, it’s probably not an event to take them to,” Dr. Anderson concluded.


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