Actress Susan Pwajok pays her debt after online caption


Rising Nollywood actress, Susan Pwajok has finally paid off her N90,000 debt to a local phone seller after calling online to live a fake life.

Gadget salesman, Oluwaremilakun (aka @Chowwder_) took to Twitter on August 31 after The Johnson actress posted selfie images of herself to recount her ordeal with the actress who, according to he, refused to pay the balance of 90,000 naira resulting from their business transaction.

According to the seller’s screenshots of the conversation between him and the actress, the actress called him in June asking for a phone and a power bank, and paid in two installments within two weeks. Since then, she has yet to pay him the balance and had in fact ghosted him.

When she proved unreachable, the seller then contacted a Daeves who took care of the actress’ social networks. Post that the actress lambasted him for telling friends about his debt, even after trying to explain the situation to her, and he had to resort to begging for his money.

However, the seller has just confirmed on social media that the actress paid off her debts and netizens for helping to escalate the issue that led to her payment. However, he wondered why the actress had to wait to be called before doing the right thing.

But this led to another charge against the actress for accusing a client of her Royal Awesomeness @Maazi_TW N25.00
0 to promote an ad on her Instagram three years ago that she never delivered.

In another snap chat between the actress and @Maazi_TW, the client tweeted, “Crazy how people are getting to know this girl @pwajok_susan is a big scam! She’s scammed me 25k since 2019! Since , I try to get my money back, but she keeps ignoring my messages.

Reacting to this unfortunate incident, netizens said:

“How are you going to sleep at night knowing you owe people money,” said _M.akky

Ivannas_trunkofficial writes: “Omo this guy is such a good person. Better learn from this one. And if not, call you no to see Shingbai. You better end this relationship because this girl has no respect for you!

“She had to wait to be dragged before she paid. It’s so… Curiously, a lot of people are like that. They will be in debt and flexible, spending money on other things. They have the money but will simply decide not to pay until the person makes a drastic decision… I don’t understand why? asked Sharon_hosh.


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