City Council to vote on Dallas humane pet store ordinance


The Dallas City Council is scheduled to vote on the ordinance on Wednesday, May 11.

DALLAS — Have you walked into a pet store with the dream of adopting a new furry friend? Well, that may not be the case anymore if the City of Dallas passes a proposed new ordinance calling for a ban on the sale of kittens and puppies at local pet stores.

The “Dallas Humane Pet Store Ordinance” was proposed by animal welfare organizations in December 2020. It was triggered by the mission to end the gateway from puppy mills to pet stores.

Many resident and animal welfare organizations support the idea, while local pet store owners and the American Kennel Club have shared their opposition.

The Texas SPCA said it strongly supports passing the ordinance and believes it will improve pet welfare and prevent illnesses from improper care – stressing the protection of future pet owners animals that would be responsible for hundreds of dollars trying to save animals. who contract these diseases.

The Texas SPCA says the order would also support dozens of local Dallas-based pet stores that don’t sell puppies, but instead partner with local animal shelters like the Texas SPCA to rehome thousands of dogs and cats each year.

But the American Kennel Club said the order will limit pet choice and consumer protection for families looking for a dog that fits their needs and lifestyle.

A North Dallas Petland store, which is believed to be the only store selling dogs in the city, told the Dallas Morning News it would be forced to close if the city enacts the ordinance.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are currently 400 US cities that have similar ordinances in place banning the sale of kittens and puppies, including nine major cities in Texas.

The SPCA hopes Dallas will be the next to pass it.

The Dallas City Council is expected to vote on the issue at its morning meeting on Wednesday, May 11.


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