Collier County pet store is on Humane Society’s “Hundreds of Horrible List”


COLLIER COUNTY, Fla .– The Humane Society of the United States has reported “Florida Puppies Online”, a brick and mortar pet store in Naples and an online store on their “Horrible Hundreds List” claiming that this pet store is affiliated with 14 deaths of puppies.

John Goodwin, senior director of the Humane Society of the United States’ Stop Puppy Mills campaign, said Florida Puppies Online owner Nathan Bazler is also linked with stores in Ohio and Maryland.

“We have discovered through inspection records that a number of puppies have died in their care, which is not uncommon as these puppies are raised in filth and misery and they start out at a disadvantage in terms of health, ”Goodwin said.

Florida Puppies Online has released a statement regarding the Horrible Hundreds List stating that they have never had any violations from the Department of Animal Services in the 5 years following their stay in Collier County.

They continue to say that being placed on the Horrible Hundreds lists misrepresents them, claiming every inspector has told them they exceed pet stores’ expectations.

(To read the full statement, go to the bottom of the page)

The Humane Society of the United States is hopeful that Collier County will do more to eliminate puppy mills.

“70-75 Florida locations have banned the sale of these commercially raised puppies as part of an anti-puppy mill measure, if Collier County follows suit and does like all these places it can save a lot of dogs “said Goodwin.

At this time, Collier County has not banned the sale of commercially raised puppies.

Commissioner Bill McDaniel said there was an order in the works for almost two years to help the puppy mill problem.

“The council then chose, after a long hearing, not to ban animal retailing but to adjust an ordinance to regulate this industry,” McDaniel said.

“The goal is not to eliminate the civil right to animal retailing, but the goal was to improve transparency, resulting in accountability from which we can eliminate bad actors.” McDaniel said.

The Humane Society encourages people to do their research before purchasing a pet.

“Meet the breeder, meet the mum, see the conditions the mum is raised in, if the mum is far away it’s usually a red flag,” Goodwin said.

Florida Puppies Online full statement:

“We believe we were added to the list to create negative attention for us when the ban on the sale of pets was not passed in Collier County. We have been operating in Collier for almost 5 years and have inspection reports from Collier County Domestic Animal Services (DAS) showing that we have never had a single violation. I will provide the most recent inspection report I have. They spend hours (usually 6+) in our facility during each inspection and check every puppy, their papers and every square inch of our facility. Our veterinarian visits our establishment every week and provides all the necessary care for our puppies. Unlike rescues like the Humane Society, we are held to very high standards of care and strict record keeping by law. We are able to prove that we have taken care of these puppies and that we have treated them with the best veterinary care if they fall ill. To give you a perspective, the Humane Society of Naples has had 71 dogs that have died in the past three years (this is a public record that you can request or that we can provide to you). DAS has also never had a problem with our facilities or the appearance or physical condition of a puppy in our care when they visit. As you can see from the Humane Society report, they state that we have NO VIOLATIONS. That’s why we think the only reason they posted us on this propaganda list is to spread misinformation and make us look terrible. We are also USDA licensed and an inspector goes to our Florida site for inspections so that we can hold this license. We also did not receive a single violation from them. Almost all of our customers come to our location to get their puppy and can meet the puppy and see that they are happy and well cared for before purchase. The fact that we were put on this list, in our opinion, grossly distorts us and completely delegitimizes these Horrible Hundreds lists. Each of our inspectors told us that we exemplify what they hope to find in every pet store they inspect and that we exceed their expectations. Please research the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to understand their program. It’s not hard to see that their goal is to shut down all pet stores (regardless of their reputation) and they spend 99% of their budget trying to do so. Only 1% of their budget is spent on animal care.

The Humane Society of the United States responded to the statement saying:

As you can see from our annual reports which summarize our financial operations and provide an overview of the organization’s accomplishments, the claims made in the last few sentences of the Florida Puppies Online statement are false.

Also, since their statement uses our name and the names of local organizations interchangeably, I would like to clarify that local animal shelters have always been independent from the HSUS. They have their own policies, governance

and operational priorities. The HSUS does not manage them and does not serve as a parent association.


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