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If there’s one thing we’re sure about, it’s that Hoboken-ites love their pets. It seems everyone has some sort of companion to keep them company. And if you are one of the many people who can be spotted at any time walking your puppy or hanging out in the dog park, you should know about the many resources Hoboken has for furry moms and dads. Cornerstone Pets is the bark of Mile Square and has served the community and their beloved furry babies since opening in 2004. This neighborhood pet store is a go-to resource for all things animal related. Located at 105 9th Street, owner Meagan Matthews and her team are here for all of your pet-related needs, advice, tips and nutrition. Read on to learn all about Cornerstone Pets.

The story

Originally opened in 2004 by Jeff Laylon, this store housed a collection of pet supplies and household items – yes, household items! Every piece of furniture that contained pet supplies in the store was also for sale. From dog treats to mirrors, Cornerstone Pets had it all. Eventually, he realized he needed to focus on the animal side of the business. Jeff opened the store we know today with the intention of being a neighborhood resource and hoped to give the community that same feeling. He wanted Cornerstone Pets to be a place where strangers come in as strangers and leave as family.

Around the same time as Cornerstone Pets opened, current owner Meagan Matthews started shopping there. She loved the selection of affordable, high quality cat products and Jeff always went out of his way to help Meagan. Being a customer at the store was not enough for Meagan, however. She was working in town when Jeff offered her a part-time job at this local pet store, and she accepted.

While still working at her full-time job in the city, Meagan knew it was something she loved. Jeff quickly offered her a job to help run the storefront full time. Luckily, for Meagan, this was something she had wanted for a long time, given her past experience and her work with nonprofits and animal rescues. “It was a big leap from working for a nonprofit to running a pet store,” Meagan told us, but she gladly accepted the job in 2005 and has never looked back.

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Go forward

A few years later, in 2011, Jeff decided he was ready to retire and after much discussion over the years, he asked Meagan to take over the business to “keep it in the family”, for so to speak. In 2012, Meagan took over the business and has owned it ever since.

In 2007, Kate started working part-time in the store until 2010, when she decided to make it a full-time job. “We want people to come to us as a resource and a friend in the community. Many customers ask us about nutrition, behavior, [and] pet care, ”Kate said. Everyone who works at Cornerstone is helpful and knowledgeable. The staff do a lot of consultation to help clients find the right solution to meet their needs. “It’s really important to us. We don’t want to be the store you walk in, buy something and go. We want to be part of your journey and help you learn something, ”Kate shared.

The store is full of a wide variety of pet supplies – from food and treats, toys, clothing and accessories – Cornerstone has everything your furry friend needs. One aspect of the store that Meagan is incredibly proud of, however, is that she is able to offer a variety of high-quality options at different prices, so that every customer can look after their pets. A range of frozen and freeze-dried raw foods, kibbles, canned foods, treats and more is available at the store. There are options for puppies and adult dogs, as well as selections to help pets following specific diets. Cornerstone has a range of choices and something for every pet. “We only sell what we are comfortable giving to our own pets and we make sure it is financially accessible to everyone,” beamed Meagan. Some of their favorite brands include Holy Chow, a line of clean treats made from raw freeze-dried foods that dogs love and Gourmuttz, healthy treats and cured meats made locally.

In addition to the nutritional items available in the store, Cornerstone also sells leashes / collars, toys, clothing, accessories and more. Various services that could benefit pets and animal owners are also available at the store. Twice a month, Instinct Dog Training visits the store and is available to answer questions. In addition, the store also hosts various events such as pop-up photoshoots with local photographer Will Ferman, frequent buyer programs, dog rescue programs, and nutritional consultations to help dogs with dietary restrictions.

Support the local community

The storefront focuses on selling high quality items from local small businesses. It is important for Meagan to support these small businesses that are like them. Being involved in the community is something the Cornerstone team really appreciates. When it comes to supporting other small businesses, you’ll see branded small businesses like From Dog Food and even treats made by local businesses.

Cornerstone is also humbly and graciously involved with many local rescues such as Liberty Humane Society, See Spot Rescued, Wise Animal Rescue and Jersey Cats and always donates supplies and goods to every location. The support of the team is undoubtedly significant and helpful with every rescue.

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Adapting during COVID-19

And while so much has changed in today’s climate, the staff at Cornerstone are still doing all they can to help their customers. “Normally we are always very active – adjusting the animals for the harnesses, trying out the toys. We had to reduce this for safety reasons, but it’s our favorite part of the job, ”Kate explained. The current situation has caused Meagan to adjust the way she and her team do business and has allowed them to tap into many other resources. Cornerstone now has a full online website for ordering supplies {for delivery and pickup} and can truly connect with customers using other forms of social media, allowing the team to serve the community. in many ways.

Where to find Cornerstone pets

Cornerstone Pets is open for business and takes every precaution to ensure the safety of all who enter the store. There is a limit of three customers at any time and masks are mandatory. Curbside delivery and pickup are also available. The new adjusted hours are Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Don’t forget to also check out their new website, which allows customers to shop online for all of their pets’ needs.

Have you ever visited Cornerstone Pets? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Written by: Danielle Lynch

A Hoboken homeowner and lover of all things local, Danielle made Mile Square City her home almost six years ago. Danielle is a second grade teacher by day; after hours, we find her in the kitchen preparing a new recipe or having a bite to eat with her husband and friends. Danielle is the fitter and buyer of all things beauty and loves to find a good deal. Shopping in Washington, interior decorating and driving her Platoon are just some of Danielle’s favorite things. Oh, and did we mention his undying love for the New York Yankees?



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