Court allows pet store to resume selling puppies


A Nassau County Supreme Court judge ruled earlier this month that Shake A Paw pet stores in Hicksville and Lynbrook can resume selling puppies to customers. The decision comes after the New York State Attorney General’s office filed lawsuits against the establishments late last year, permanently banning them from selling animals to customers.

The decision, which was handed down by Judge Helen Voutsinas, dismissed claims by Attorney General Leticia James that the stores were selling sick animals imported from “puppy mills” to unsuspecting customers.

Richard Hamburger, a defense attorney who represented the pet store, said in a statement: “Judge Voutsinas categorically rejected the Attorney General’s unsubstantiated allegations that Shake A Paw handled puppies inhumanely in order to cause them harm. physical injuries or injuries.The judge said there was no evidence to support these allegations and that Shake A paw had presented overwhelming documentary evidence, including multiple New York State inspections and the Humane Society, which prove the contrary.

In December of last year, the Attorney General’s office filed allegations that stores were knowingly deceiving customers by selling sick animals that had been transported from out-of-state puppy mills instead of legitimate breeders. .

At the time, the attorney general claimed that important pet health information was withheld from consumers and that stores deliberately doctored health certificates and lied about the breeding status of animals.

In a statement in December last year, James said: ‘When New Yorkers bought puppies from Shake A Paw, they never expected to bring dogs home in such heartbreaking and horrible. Today, we are holding them accountable for their illegal and inhumane actions by filing a lawsuit to permanently ban the company from selling puppies any longer, as well as recovering what customers paid. Animal abuse is despicable and will not be tolerated.

Hamburger at the time called the filings “rushed and reckless” and said the judge’s recent ruling was vindication for the pet store’s operation.

“Judge Voutsina’s decision is vindication for Shake A Paw. The court agreed that Shake A Paw’s business was destroyed by the Attorney General’s reckless and unwarranted requests to block the purchase of puppies for resale”


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