Do you have extra space? The Humane Society hopes you’ll let a dog crash into your couch


HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) — In response to an increase in the number of animals at their facility, the Hawaiian Humane Society is looking for volunteers willing to temporarily house an adoptive dog.

It’s all part of the company’s new “Couch Crashers” program, where dogs can be taken in for a short-term stay lasting anywhere from three days to two weeks.

If all goes well, the dogs can move in permanently.

Nationally, shelters are seeing an increase in pet abandonments due to inflation and the economy.

The company’s Moilili campus is currently operating well beyond capacity as it would ideally house 160 animals, but currently has more than 200.

“We don’t want to be so full that it causes even more problems like the spread of disease or other issues that may arise,” said Thomas Hanns, HHW communications coordinator. “So we are trying to take all measures to avoid that. Having these animals in a home gives them a brief break from this stressful environment.

Hanns says only dogs are eligible for this initiative. And so far, 75 have been definitively adopted.

“With our spacing constraints, when we are able to bring some of these pets into homes with our people in our community, they can just stay there for a minimum of two days, maximum of two weeks,” said Hanns said.

“It gives us enough space to help animals that need a little extra care.”

The company will provide participants with all necessary supplies.

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