‘Doggy Parton’, Dolly Parton’s online pet store, sells toys, clothes and accessories


It’s well known that showbiz icon Dolly Parton has a great sense of humor, but one thing no one saw coming? The singer is launching her own line of pet accessories. Even better? The line is absolutely perfectly named after Doggy Parton – and you can buy it now on Amazon.

Parton is a pet enthusiast, and the line represents her passion for dogs and cats. Plus, a portion of the proceeds will support Willa Farms, an animal rescue shelter.

There’s a ton available to buy dogs and cats, whether you want to be glam with Dolly Parton. You can pick up a casual gingham and denim bandana for your puppet’s daily walks – or, gloriously, curly blonde dog wigs, plus a feature-adorned pink cowboy hat for your dog, adorned with a tiara, for $9.99. Dog clothes featuring the music legend are also available, whether you opt for a Dolly concert-style tee or a gingham button-up. There are also cowgirl dresses, which are almost too much for words, as well as leashes and collars.

Doggy Parton Blonde Bombshell Wig Pet Headdress – Amazon.co.uk

12.99buy now

Toys abound, too, including plush toys in the shape of hot pink and leopard print high heels, guitars, and rainbows, of course.

Shop the line now on Amazon and outfit your furry friend with a bit of Dolly style.


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