Escondido pet store cited for illegal sale of puppies



ESCONDIDO – The San Diego Humane Society’s humanitarian law enforcement issued citations to pet stores in Escondido and Santee on Saturday for illegally selling puppies from puppy mills.

Broadway Puppies in Escondido and Pups & Pets in Santee have both been cited for breach of partnership violations with a rescue having a valid cooperative agreement with at least one public or private shelter, as cited in the Health Code and Safety Section 122354.5 of AB 485, which is the California retail ban on dogs, cats and rabbits.

Broadway Puppies received eight infractions, while Pups & Pets was cited for seven infractions, plus one additional citation for a violation of signaling requirements.

The stores also received a notice of complaint for the sale of unmodified puppies.

Both Broadway Puppies and Pups & Pets have been ordered to halt all sales of pets until they start sourcing animals from a California shelter or rescue group with a valid cooperation agreement.

“Under current law we unfortunately don’t have the ability to close stores,” Ganley said. “However, we will continue to quote them for every dog ​​they sell without a valid co-operation agreement, as they are breaking the law and it is our duty to act.”

In the meantime, Humane law enforcement chief Bill Ganley told The Coast News that based on their story, it looks like the two stores will continue to sell puppies illegally.

“If the fines are $ 500 but you sell these dogs for between $ 3,000 and $ 6,000, that’s really not a selling point. I’m sure they see it as the cost of doing business, ”Ganley said.

Humane Law Enforcement is currently supporting a new bill, AB 2152, to address these gaps. One of the provisions of the proposed law would limit the selling price of these animals to $ 500, thus preventing puppy mills from even sending animals to California because they would not make any money.

The owner of these two pet stores, and several others across the country, is David Salinas, who is being sued for violating California law by attorney Bryan Pease, who represents the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS), a group of defense of animal rights.

In March, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported on the lawsuit, which claims pet stores in Salinas violate California’s ban on puppy mills by obtaining dogs from a Missouri-based breeder who “fraudulently presents itself as an organization from “rescue” to laundering puppies from puppy mills to pet stores, including… Broadway Puppies, Pups & Pets, and other stores owned by Salinas.

CAPS told The Coast News that several prosecutions are still pending and more are planned.



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