Five of Iowa’s 42 mobile home rescue dogs up for adoption


The Muscatine Humane Society placed five of Fruitland, Iowa’s 42 rescue dogs for adoption after grooming them.

MUSCATINE, Iowa — Five of 42 dogs rescued from a mobile home in Fruitland, Iowa, are ready for adoption. The dogs were transferred to the Muscatine Humane Society in February after local authorities received tips of neglect.

Muscatine Humane Society director Chris McGinnis said she knew fostering 42 neglected dogs would be a huge project to undertake.

“They were terrified, that was the saddest part. They didn’t know why they were put in a pet taxi, then in a vehicle, then in a shelter,” McGinnis said. “And I’m sure there were smells in here. And you know it was a scary, scary day for them.”

But over the past month, the dogs have made incredible progress.

“They recognize us now. They know they’re going to be fed, they know they’re going to be manipulated,” McGinnis said. “They know they’re going to move inside and out. I feel like they have a new outlook on life.”

Due to the neglect the dogs faced, the director warned anyone interested in adopting them to know that they might need some special attention at first.

“The biggest piece of advice is that they’re going to need training. They’re not going to be a dog that you can just bring home and expect a lot from them,” McGinnis said. “You know, they never even had a name. So if you have other pets in the house, these will be different.”

“They had to fight for their food. So with the other dogs we feed them all separately, because with the other dogs they keep their food, and as to be expected, because they never had any enough,” she said.

The humane society will work with anyone interested in adopting one of the five dogs. They recommend adopting two together to help keep a constant in their life – although it’s not necessary.

Eligible dogs are not listed on the Humane Society website.


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