Fun toys for your dog and cat: National Pet Month


May is National Pet Month and many Americans are happy to celebrate their furry family members.

Seventy percent of U.S. households — or 90.5 million — have one or more pets, according to the 2021-2022 National Pet Ownership Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). . That’s up from 67% in 2019, likely because Americans have adopted pets in large numbers during the pandemic.

How about buying new toys for your dog or cat? Below is a collection of toys to add to your pet’s toy box.

Having a pet can be good for your health. Research shows that pets provide social support, stress relief, and other physical benefits. Do humans provide the same to pets? It certainly helps if pets have a healthy diet and exercise, as well as toys for mental and physical stimulation.

Enrichment toys challenge your dog or cat and prevent boredom that causes pet stress. The best dog enrichment toys feature sound, movement, and content. Dogs especially enjoy sensory and interactive toys.

Meanwhile, cats – especially indoor cats – need toys to keep them fit and relieve boredom. These toys don’t have to be complicated: a cat tunnel, cat treat or cat puzzle provides hours of entertainment while satisfying natural hunting instincts.

Dogs (and kids) love these non-toxic, nut-free peanut butter and bacon bubbles. (Courtesy of Amazon)

Peanut Butter Bacon Scented Bubbles for Dogs ($24.95): Dogs love chasing bubbles. These give them more reward for catching them. The bubbles dry in the air and land intact on the ground. How fun for humans too!

rope dog toy

Paw-fect for dispensing treats and boosting your dog’s cognitive abilities. (Courtesy of Chewy)

Dog Treat Dispensing Rope Toy ($17.95): Make your dog work for those treats and keep him entertained at the same time.

Puzzle dog feeder

Keep your curious pup busy with a puzzle feeder. (Courtesy of Walmart)

Dog Puzzle Feeder/Treat Dispenser ($14.99): Hide small amounts of food under moving parts. It will teach your dog to problem solve and slow down his eating.

Barkbox Scoops

Bark Boxes have a different theme each month. (Courtesy of Barkbox)

BarkBox – The monthly box of dog toys and treats: Barkbox offers themed boxes of toys and treats for your dog every month.

tennis ball launcher

Anyone can use it to throw tennis balls to entertain your dog. (Courtesy of Petco)

Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster ($29.99): Launch your dog’s favorite tennis ball over 50 feet skyward. Simply place the barrel over the tennis ball to pick it up “hands free”.

cat toy

This cat toy comes with replaceable feathers for different effects. (Courtesy of Amazon)

2-in-1 Interactive Cat Toy ($29.99): Two different ways to play and an automatic shut-off after 10 minutes make this a handy toy for any feline.

cat tree

The stylish cat tree/condo is handmade in the USA. (Courtesy of Catplay)

Cat’s Choice 4-Tier Imperial Palace ($159.90, originally $199.99 – plus free shipping): This tiered cat “tree” is perfect for climbing and lounging around. At the top is a large cat condo.

catnip nerve blaster

Encourage your little hunter to capture his own catnip treats. (Courtesy of Petco)

Nerf Catnip Disc Blaster ($14.99, originally $18.99): This all-new blaster fires discs of catnip for your cat to chase.

floating fish

Stuffed fish are durable and non-toxic. (Courtesy of Walmart)

Interactive Flopping Fish, 2-Pack ($21.99): This plush fish moves to inspire hunting instincts. Catnip holds your pet’s attention.

light up cat pointer toy

The USB charger of this laser pointer makes batteries unnecessary. (Courtesy of Amazon)

Cat Toy Pointer ($11.99): Your cat will try to climb walls just to chase the point of light.


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