How to Escape a Pet Store or Animal Shelter in DogLife


As you simulate the life of a dog in DogLife, you’ll likely find yourself in situations where you want to escape. For example, if you are in a pet store with employees or animals with bad relationships, you might want to try your luck on the road. Here’s how to escape places like the pet store or the dog shelter in DogLife.

To escape a situation where your dog isn’t comfortable (or you just want to try something new), you’ll need to put yourself in a situation that allows you to escape. One of our dogs had a random chance to escape from the pet store, so we took advantage of it. On the other hand, they were about to be euthanized, so we had to either escape or die. If you ever want to see if you can escape, open the Activities tab. If the escape option is greyed out, you are in an impossible to exit situation.

If you attempt to escape, you’ll see an image similar to the one below, but it might have more people and more walls.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Your goal is to get to the exit without any humans running into your dog. For every space you move, the humans will move two, so you really need to use the walls to your advantage. Humans always try to move straight towards you, even if a wall is in their way, so you can lead them into corners where they can’t get out. Work around them and in the exit sign to start a new life as a wanderer on a random road with rodents and other stray animals.


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