HSPRAC to Participate in A Community Thrivs Fundraising Event


Organizations looking to improve their communities are now fundraising through August 12 as part of the A Thriving Gannett Foundation Community crowdfunding and grant program.

More than 700 organizations have applied for the $2 million initiative in hopes of meeting their needs.

One such organization is in Gadsden: the Humane Society Pet Rescue and Adoption Center, which has served Etowah County since 1973 helping “to relieve the suffering and improve the lives of animals through humane and educational services.” to residents of our community.

“Kat Hubbard applied for the grant for us,” HSPRAC office manager Brooke Bikneris said, “Our jurisdiction is part of the town of Gadsden and Attalla.”

Through A Community Thrives, HSPRAC will have one month to fundraise through the Mightycause online platform to reach a minimum of $3,000 or $6,000, depending on the group’s operating budget, in order to qualify. as a grant recipient.

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Through the site, users can donate to HSPRAC or an organization of their choice by filtering the type of cause, location and category. Donors have the opportunity to help the organizations involved achieve several projects such as expanding no-kill animal sanctuaries, improving music training programs and more.

“A Community Thrives has been a great way for Gannett to leverage its platforms to gain attention and fundraise for participating nonprofits,” said Sue Madden, director of the Gannett Foundation. “Over the past five years, the program has contributed more than $17 million to community building projects and local operating expenses of service organizations across the country.

While HSPRAC and the organizations will be able to keep the money they raise, the best projects will also be eligible for additional grants to support their ideas for change. Top fundraisers will receive a $200,000 grant and all eligible organizations will be eligible for National Project and Local Operating Grants.

HSPRAC’s overall goal is to raise $68,222.50 through the program. They say the money will go towards their “SNYP” initiative which allows them to spay and neuter pets at little or no cost to their owners.

“We have an overwhelming number of unwanted pets in our county. HSPRAC is constantly overflowing with animals that deserve a better life,” the organization said in its application. “We want to expand our SNYP program by raising funds to modify as many animals at no cost to the people of Etowah County to avoid unwanted litters of kittens and puppies.”

The shelter said the program will “build enrichment” for low-income or poverty-stricken people in the community by allowing them to keep their furry family members healthier and not in a position where they will have to suffer in the streets.

“Our goal is to neuter and neuter the overwhelming number of animals in need. The goal is to stop the overpopulation problem at the root,” says HSPRAC.

“All three shelters in Etowah County are full,” Bikneris said. “Our problem is getting vet appointments for neutering and neutering procedures. We have to get away from the cities to do them, and we’d like to get to a point where we can do them in-house or en masse locally. .”

In addition to fundraising and the potential for additional grants, A Community Thrives also aims to train participants for future fundraising efforts, providing them with a foundation to continue fundraising for their nonprofits.

“I would love to be able to see what we can do here to support our community,” Bikneris said. “Our community is really stepping up and I would love to give it back to them in a way that benefits them as well.”

To donate to HSPRAC’s A Community Thrivs fundraising campaign, visit https://bit.ly/3Oc9qEG. To learn more about A Community Thrivs, visit https://bit.ly/3RBLMEO.


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