Humane Society zooms into local classrooms with ‘Pet Break’


“My goal, and that of the animal center, is to create a new generation of compassionate and empathetic young people,” says one program manager

While their parents probably grew up with body break, today’s children will have Pet Break, thanks to a humane society of the region.

Molly Freedman, education coordinator at the Georgian Triangle Humane Society, offers to take over from any teacher for 15-30 minutes to talk to her class about pet care, animal empathy and ongoing work at the GHTS animal center.

“My goal, and the animal center’s goal, is to create a new generation of compassionate, empathetic young people,” Freedman said. “I hope through this program high school students can take our Junior Animal Wellness Certification and Responsible Pet Ownership course…they might visit and adopt…or they might just think more carefully about how you interact with them. and their pets.”

Any teacher from anywhere in Ontario can contact Freedman to invite him to any K-12 class. The Pet Break segment includes a live virtual tour of the GTHS Pet Center and one of the teacher’s chosen activities and ending with a Q&A session.

“All activities are related to animal care or emotional intelligence, or a bit of both,” Freedman said. “The one that seems most popular is watching me do an exam on a cat or dog and explaining what I’m doing as I look at each body part.”

Freedman worked for 3.5 years in the animal care area of ​​GTHS operations and most recently held her position as Education Coordinator.

The GTHS has set a goal of entering 40 different classrooms with a Pet Break segment. This week, Freedman conducted his first three classes through Pet Break.

She aims to use her experience to teach people about animals in a different capacity and increase the student’s ability to form emotional attachments with animals in hopes that this will also transfer into their relationships with people.

“I think all humans have a fascination with all living things,” Freedman said. “People have this natural fascination and desire to learn, we just need to tap into it a bit.”

Pet Break is free and available as a virtual excursion for any class. Pet Break segments can be reserved by emailing [email protected]


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