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Metro Atlanta Film Festival shines a light on real crime stories:

This is probably one of the most sought-after phrases in the pandemic: “real crime documentary”.

From docuseries like “Making a Murderer” and “Tiger King” to podcasts like “Serial” and “Dr. Death”, we seem to live in a society that just can’t have enough real crimes. And that gave Atlanta’s Cameron Munson an idea.

“It started about a year ago. I reached out to an old friend from high school who works for podcast company Crawlspace Media, and they were looking for an old cold case from our hometown,” Munson recalls. And then my colleague from the Atlanta Film Series, whom I had worked for for years, said to me, ‘You have to start your own film festival. “And the two things came together.”

Now, the very first True Crime Film Fest is slated for later this month at the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theater in Marietta. The lineup consists of four feature films and four short films, all of which tell stories that Munson says deserve a little more exposure.

“We have a movie that goes back to 19th century Oklahoma, before it was Oklahoma, and what was going on there and all the crimes that were going on there,” Munson said of the variety. subjects. “So there are films that are going to cover all aspects of crime.”

The festival host is Erica Kelley, founder of the popular Southern Fried True Crime podcast. Kelley says she appreciates the festival’s commitment to being “victim and survivor focused.”

“I’m always victim-oriented on my show. I never want to be salacious or sensational,” says Kelley. “So I really try to focus on the victims, their lives, how they got there and be really respectful.”

To that end, Munson says that one dollar from every ticket sold will be donated to the nonprofit Atlanta Victim Assistance, Inc.

The True Crime Film Fest runs from noon to 11 p.m. on Saturday, January 22. For more information on tickets, click here. Munson says masks will be required for all participants.

Nyesha Arrington from Fox’s “Next Level Chef”: Gordon Ramsey’s latest show is the next evolution in cooking competitions. He designed a one-of-a-kind culinary glove, set on an iconic stage like you’ve never seen before. Over three floors, each floor contains an amazingly different kitchen. Watch “Next Level Kitchen” Fox Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

Castmates of OWN Networks’ latest reality show “Ladies Who List: Atlanta”:

“Ladies Who List: Atlanta” is an eight-part series that will follow six professional black businesswomen working in real estate and the clients they serve in the Atlanta marketplace while managing their work and personal relationships by constant evolution. They might be friends, but business is business. “Ladies Who List: Atlanta” premieres Friday, January 7 on OWN. Watch the trailer here.

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