JoJo: Prince George County Adorable Adopt of the Week


PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, MD – Many adorable adoptables await their forever homes through the SPCA / Humane Society of Prince George’s County, Inc. JoJo was found wandering outside alone when he was only a ‘a baby. The person who found her brought her to the SPCA where she was paired with another orphan kitten named Jackie and they get along very well. Then the two were paired with Fluffy and Joyce for their social skills and now all of them are ready to head home forever.

JoJo loves being petted and is learning to relax and sit on someone’s lap. She has a fantastic purr and will respond to affection. She loves to play with string toys and wrestle with other kittens. She also likes to look out the window from a cat tree. Her tufts of fur behind her ears are endearing and her eyes are simply stunning.

JoJo didn’t spend a lot of time with kids or dogs, so she would need some time to adjust to them in a new home. The SPCA wants JoJo to be placed with one of his siblings.

Anyone interested in adopting JoJo or another adorable pet can complete a no-obligation adoption application. Since the SPCA / Humane Society of Prince George’s County, Inc. is a volunteer-run group, all animals are cared for in foster homes and the animals must be placed in the greater Baltimore-DC area.


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