Kim Reeder: What volunteers mean to LCHS | Columnists


Here at the Lee County Humane Society, our volunteer program is part of our daily business.

Volunteers enrich the lives of our animals. The work of our volunteers helps save the lives of not only the animals they help care for, but also the shelter itself. One might wonder what a volunteer looks like; it’s easy, you!

Our volunteers perform many different jobs at the Lee County Humane Society. Duties range from cat cuddling and dog walking to helping clean the kennel, helping with fundraising, donating, transporting animals, building dog houses, and list goes on and on. The list of volunteer opportunities is endless.

I want to give you a little insight into what some of these volunteer opportunities look like. If being a companion cat sounds like the best fit for you, then it probably is! Our fellow cats come in and spend time loving our adorable adoptable cats. Our cats need it for socialization and they love the company of our volunteers.

We always need dog walkers. Dog walkers help our staff take the dogs out for afternoon walks. They help manage dogs at adoption events. Dog walkers are even allowed to take their dogs off campus for Jog-A-Dog after completing six hours of viewing.

Our dogs especially love going off campus for Jog-A-Dog, as it gives them a break from the shelter and allows them to be seen by potential adopters.


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