Learning Resources enters the pet industry with Brightkins Pet Toys • The Toy Book

Brightkins Pet Toys dispenses treats to reward pets for completing tasks. | Source: Learning Resources

Learning Resources, which has been providing interactive toys for children for nearly 40 years, is now expanding into the pet industry.

Brightkins, the new line of 13 pet toys from Learning Resources, includes training activity sets, toys that dispense treats and treat puzzles. Learning Resources hopes to involve both pet and family with these new products.

Brightkins pet toys are interactive for the whole family. | Source: Learning Resources

The new launch includes the “Cupcake Party! Treat Puzzle”, the “Surprise Party! Treat Puzzle”, the “magic trick! Workout Set” and “Pooch School! “Training Set.” Each toy is designed to keep pets active and improve their coordination skills. Many toys include treats that are given out when the pets complete a task.

“We believe our pets are members of our families, so we’re excited to launch Brightkins as a way to connect with our four-legged companions,” said Sari Winick, Marketing Director of Learning Resources. “Brightkins fosters the unique bond between families and their pets, while providing cognitive stimulation for pets and promoting active play.”

The products are available now on Amazon and will roll out to other pet retailers later this fall. This launch also correlates with Learning Resources’ Hunger for Words line, which offers more interactive pet toys. This line is also available at pet retailers nationwide.


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