Meet Tyga – The Etownian


Samhar Almomani is a junior major in public health with a minor in sociology and the Associate Articles Editor for the Etownian. Living with him on campus is his beautiful cat Tyga.

Almomani first had Tyga last May when he went to a Humane Society-hosted pet meet and greet at a local PetSmart. After he had Tyga, he brought her to campus to live in his dorm with him.

Tyga is three years old and a Tiger Cat. She likes to sleep and look out the window. Since Tyga showed such interest in the outdoors when she looked out the window, Almomani decided to try and get her outside so she could enjoy nature, but Tyga didn’t. did not like this experience at all. “When I kicked her out, she dug her claws into the grass, meowing very loudly and not moving,” Almomani said. “I even bought her a cat stroller to try this out, but she did the same, so now she stays indoors.”

Since Almomani is a Resident Assistant here on campus, having Tyga has allowed more residents to reach out to Almomani for deeper connections. “A lot of my residents enjoy coming to see my cat and it allows me to talk to them more than if they had no reason to stop,” Almomani said.

Having a pet on campus is a big responsibility. You need to make sure you do all the cleaning and feeding tasks, but another part that many don’t consider is how much attention you need to give your pet. To make sure Tyga never feels alone, Almomani has a Beta Fish named Gabe that Tyga spends all his time with when Almomani isn’t home. “I like to say that Tyga has her own emotional support animal because when I’m not around she and Gabe can just hang out and keep each other company,” he said.

Having Tyga on campus has made a positive difference in Almomani’s daily life and gives him something to look forward to every day when he comes home.


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