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With thousands of animals entering and leaving the Midlands Humane Society each year, it can be difficult to find ways to describe them all. After all, a cute kitten is a cute kitten, and a sassy senior is just that. Doing our best to identify an animal’s personality traits, age and any health issues is something we take very seriously. With so many stray animals arriving at our doorstep, it takes time, skill and a lot of patience. Animals may be closed off, angry, or shy, but this behavior may not be their true color. Giving them some time to decompress is key in determining any animal’s attitude and behavior.

So how do you find various descriptors to talk about animals on social networks, our website or simply on posters in the building? There is no one surefire way to determine this. Often this comes from the staff who work with the animals every day. It could be the contribution of the amazing volunteers who walk the dogs or socialize the cats. Sometimes it comes from the owners, if the animal arrives at MHS as an owner abandoned animal. Knowing the personality type you are looking for can help our adoption counselors find the right fit.

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We strive to be transparent about the smallest details of a pet, which we believe helps everyone in the long run. Having an open mind when you begin your search for a new pet can be a very important step in finding “the one.” If you’re absolutely certain you need to adopt a calico but find yourself drawn to the tabby mix because of the way it looks on you, you need to be careful. It’s funny how animals have a knack for being noticed by the right owner!

Educating potential adopters about a pet’s interesting quirks is important and can be very endearing. We want the adoption to be as successful as the adopter. We strive to achieve a happy ending for the animal and the family so that the adoption process goes as smoothly as possible. It is important to inform potential adopters of any pet behavior of which we are aware. For example, if we know that a dog should not be around young children or cats, we hope that people will follow our advice. If we know a cat may have litter box issues, we will pass this information on to a potential adopter.

Not a single person walking around this planet is perfect, so why should we expect a pet to be? Humans can be impatient, grumpy, jealous, and sometimes even lazy. Let’s give our pets a break and know that they can have good days and bad days too. Each animal has a unique personality, so try to figure it all out. Take advantage of good behaviors and work on behaviors that could be improved. After all, you can often teach an old dog new tricks.

MHS Pets of the Week brought to you by PetSmart Charities: Jade is a one-year-old female domesticated short-haired dilute tortoiseshell who has arrived in the Midlands as an owner.

Her previous owner indicated that she was doing well with the other cats and dogs in the household. She is very shy at the shelter, but based on her previous owner’s experience, we believe she has the potential to be a wonderful cat once she is comfortable.

Jaxon is a 3 year old neutered male husky/catahoula mix. Jaxon is such a happy guy! He would benefit from a little work on his basic obedience but wants to please his family.

Cooper is a 6 year old neutered male lab mix. Cooper is ready to go for a walk, play ball and then take a nap. This handsome boy should make a great companion and fit right in with most new families.

charlieHe is a 3 year old neutered male domestic shorthair. Charlie sometimes has trouble with the litter box, so we think he would be better off in a home that can give him a comfortable barn life. He is very affectionate and gets along well with other cats.

If other such pets or their friends, found at midlandshumanesociety.org seem to fit, we encourage you to stop by and meet them in person. We are open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and noon until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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