Midst of Lidl’s top picks, October 6: Home tech and pet essentials

What deals can Lidl shoppers expect this week? (Photo: Metro.co.uk/Getty)

Lidl runs a number of mid-aisle deals every week – called the Lidl Mid.

From barbecue grills to fitness equipment, scuba diving gear and weighted blankets, there are always great deals to be found.

But what does the mythical central aisle have in store for Lidl buyers this week?

Here are our top picks.

What’s happening in the middle of Lidl this week?

Prepare your home for the colder months with Lidl’s focus on kitchen and bedroom essentials.

You can also get gifts for your pet, including a cat tree that’s sure to invite purring.

Auriol luminous alarm clock with DAB+ radio

Auriol luminous alarm clock with DAB+ radio Lidl

A timer function, adjustable up to 120 minutes, helps to fall asleep or wake up gradually (Photo: Lidl)

As the mornings grow darker, use the color-changing light of this alarm clock to wake up more naturally.

You can also use nature sounds or your favorite digital radio station, as well as a classic alarm sound if you like to keep it old school.

Shop for £29.99 from Lidl stores from today.

Silvercrest Dehumidifier

Silvercrest Lidl Dehumidifier
A digital display lets you control the humidity from 30% to 80% (Photo: Lidl)

If you don’t have a dryer (or are trying to use your own less), this dehumidifier helps remove moisture from the air and dry clothes faster, without that bad damp smell.

With four settings, you can also use it to ward off mold and cool rooms during the summer.

Shop for £119 in Lidl stores from Sunday 9 October.

Tower 1L Soup and Smoothie Maker

Tower 1L soup and smoothie machine Lidl
Prepare up to four servings of soup or smoothie using leftover fresh fruits and vegetables (Picture: Lidl)

Looking to save money on your groceries? This nifty device prepares soups, smoothies and even baby food cheaply and efficiently.

Put your ingredients in the pitcher, turn it on and enjoy thick or smooth mixtures in less than 30 minutes. It also has a smart control system so you don’t burn your soup.

Shop for £39.99 in Lidl stores from Sunday 9 October.

Cats will love this cozy hideout and play area, where they can sleep, scratch and jump at their leisure.

The durable sisal makes a great surface to keep claws in good condition, while the plush plush fabric is comfortable to relax on.

Shop for £34.99 in Lidl stores from Sunday 9 October.

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