North Point continues to succeed in the crowded pet store industry


Nicci Decrisantis’ Cheshire business is booming.

As an independent pet store owner, she had to constantly compete with big box stores such as Petco and PetSmart to keep her business relevant. Over the past few months, her business, NorthPoint Pets & Company, has received three awards, helping her stand out from the competition.

NorthPoint Pets received Pet Product News’ (PPN) Pet Health and Nutrition Advocate Award and was named PPN’s Storefront Retailer of the Year, announced September 16. NorthPoint also received PETS+ Review “America’s Coolest Pet Businesses” on August 10.

“We received a grand prize which is industry-wide recognition, where we beat Petco and PetSmart for the number one store, which is amazing even to think about,” she explained, “The other two awards we received are more focused on how we treat our customers and our products, and we take a very scientific approach to the health and safety of the products we supply.

For Decrisantis and his team, their biggest battle is fighting the amount of misinformation surrounding pet food and pet nutrition.

“What many people who have pets don’t know is that the most popular pet food brands have never been validated, which means the food has never been tested. given to pets before being released to the market and that the claims made on the bags have never been validated for accuracy,” she explained. “This leads to the massive amount of food recalls we’ve seen recently with all different types of brands having issues that are making pets really sick.”

Decrisantis is committed to studying the science behind the food that is given to our best furry friends, and she is currently working to expand her knowledge by taking courses at the University of Georgia.

“It’s something I’ve dedicated my life to, and I’m here at the University of Georgia to study pet food science and nutrition to improve our store and educate our community about what’s best for our pets,” she said.

NorthPoint Pets has a long-standing relationship with area veterinarians, who work with the store to provide the best information to its customers.

“Usually pet stores and veterinarians can have a kind of adversarial relationship because there’s such a disconnect between what’s medically appropriate and what’s just being pushed by the big companies,” she said. “But I’m so proud that my store can work with veterinary offices to provide the best care for our customers.”

Decrisantis credits their store’s successes to their team, who are dedicated to the health and safety of their customers’ pets.

“We wouldn’t be anywhere without the amazing team we have,” she added. “Although it’s my passion, the team on the ground is there every day, helping customers and doing the research. They’re the real rockstars.


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