NYS AG: A pet store sold sick animals

The New York Attorney General’s office has filed a lawsuit against a Hicksville pet store that it says knowingly sold sick animals to its customers. According to the lawsuit, the investigation found that two Shake A Paw stores on Long Island, including its Hicksville location, violated state laws by fabricating health certificates and lying to consumers about health, breed and origins of his animals.

“Shake A Paw’s actions of deceiving consumers into purchasing sick or injured dogs are unconscionable and illegal,” said state Attorney General Leticia James. “My office’s thorough investigation uncovered a series of Shake A Paw violations that defrauded consumers and uncovered sick puppies from unsafe puppy mills. When New Yorkers purchased puppies from Shake A Paw they never expected to bring dogs home in such heartbreaking and horrific conditions.Today we hold Shake A Paw accountable for their illegal and inhumane actions by filing a lawsuit to permanently ban the company. business to sell puppies longer, as well as to recoup what consumers have paid.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, the investigation revealed that the two Shake A Paw locations, in Hicksville and Lynbrook, falsely advertised sick and injured animals as healthy, fabricated their health certificates and had no not divulge the legitimate medical conditions of the animals.

The lawsuit also says it also found that the two sites misrepresented dog breeds and refused to reimburse consumers for veterinary bills when they filed complaints against the stores.

The Attorney General filed a temporary restraining order against the two stores, in an effort to protect the animals, as well as freezing funds that are bank accounts for Shake A Paw for restitution and money owed to consumers.

“Animal abuse is despicable and will not be tolerated anywhere in our state,” James said.

Many politicians, including State Senator Kevin Thomas and Nassau County Legislator Arnold Drucker, have spoken out about the store’s mistreatment and abuse of its animals.

It is wrong for Shake A Paw to exploit consumer trust to make a profit while risking the health and safety of puppies,” Thomas said. “Not only did consumers lie about the origins of their pets, but also about the health and welfare of the beloved animals they brought into their homes. I thank Attorney General James for taking swift action to hold Shake A Paw accountable and to protect New York’s animals from neglect and cruelty.

Lawmaker Drucker echoed the state senator’s sentiments, saying that as a dog lover himself, he was sickened by reports of animal cruelty.

“As a lifelong dog lover, I was sickened by the systemic deception and cruelty uncovered by the Attorney General’s investigation,” Drucker said. “While I am confident that this action will provide the financial restitution the victims of Shake A Paw deserve, it will be much more difficult to alleviate the grief that families in our area have experienced as a result of the deeply inhumane and deceptive conduct. of this pet store. ”

Gary Rogers, chairman of the SCPA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) board of directors, said it was important for consumers to carefully review a location or pet store before purchasing an animal.

“We always advise consumers to do their due diligence on where they buy their pets and have them immediately checked by a veterinarian upon purchase,” Rogers said.


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