Orange County Considering Pet Store Ban, But Ignores Complaints Against Ran County Animal Shelter



According to data collected by Orange County Heath Services, local pet stores achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rate. We collected the same information for the county operated animal shelter and it showed 94% customer satisfaction.

(ProNewsReport Editorial): – Orlando, Florida, June 7, 2021 ( – Animal advocates across the country are pushing for pet adoption over pet sales in Retail stores arrived to speak at a public meeting on May 11 to urge commissioners to ban pet stores from selling pets. Commissioners have the job of sorting out all the information thrown at them from both sides, those in favor of adoption only and those who believe in consumer choice.

Allegations thrown at retail pet stores were the idea that sick dogs, raised in poor conditions, are being sold to an unsuspecting public. The solution is a ban on pet stores selling puppies to protect consumers and promote adoption instead. As a defense to justify the ban, it was announced that all together, the 7 pet stores sold 8,000 puppies in 2020, and the complaints against the stores that were counted by county employees from various sources, including websites. reviews such as Google, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau, amounted to 149 unhappy customers.

Thus, 8,000 puppies sold gave rise to 149 complaints, for an unsatisfactory rating of 1.8%. County employees admitted that not all complaints were related to health issues and not all complaints were for the year 2020 only, so the 1.8% dissatisfaction rate could be a lot. lower. But in the end, 98% of pet store customers are happy.

Comparing that number to the taxpayer-funded shelter in Orange County, according to its website, the shelter returned 6,435 pets in 2020 and doubled complaints from pet stores, with 383 complaints spread across multiple review platforms. This reflects a dissatisfaction rate of 5.95%. More than three times the dissatisfaction rate of pet stores.

The complaints against the shelter centered on issues such as dogs being sent home with easily detectable health issues such as severe heart murmurs and heartworms that were not disclosed to the new owner, such health issues as as Parvo and pneumonia that cost new owners hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to treat. However, reviews like the one that mentions an aggressive dog with a history of biting that attacked its new owner shortly after arriving home and numerous allegations of neglect and abuse at the shelter by staff and volunteers are disturbing and worrying.

If a pet shop ban were passed in Orange County, the public would be prohibited from obtaining their new pet from a commercial model with a 1.8% problem rate authorized and inspected and maintained to provide veterinary certification and health guarantees. Instead, they would be encouraged to get their new pet from a business model that triples the number of complaints and offers no health guarantees, no consumer protection, and no veterinary health certification.

The good news is that whether the public chooses to adopt or buy, 98% of pet store customers are happy and 94% of shelter customers are too. The public should be free to choose where to get their next pet.



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