Pet Pals: Charlie Chaplin had a tough two years


I know this article is about Charlie the cat but I couldn’t resist.

Did you know that the US government harassed and forced Charlie Chaplin to leave his adopted country under false accusations of being a communist spy?

“In 2003, declassified British archives belonging to the British Foreign Office revealed that George Orwell had secretly accused Chaplin of being a secret communist and a friend of the USSR.[287] According to a 1949 document known as the Orwell List, Chaplin’s name was one of 35 that Orwell gave to the Information Research Department (IRD), a British secret Cold War propaganda service. who worked closely with the CIA.[287] Chaplin was not the only actor in America Orwell accused of being a secret communist. He also described American civil rights leader and actor Paul Robeson as “anti-white”.

He was also friends with several suspected Communists and attended functions given by Soviet diplomats in Los Angeles.[276] In the political climate of 1940s America, such activities meant that Chaplin was considered, as Larcher wrote, “dangerously progressive and amoral”.[277] The FBI wanted him out of the country,[278] and launched a formal investigation in early 1947.
Pretty sad things, because the FBI would keep doing the same to people like John Lennon, constantly threatening to quit him because of his anti-war sentiments. Sadly the USA is not the free country we claim to be, the US government snoops on perfectly innocent people who don’t toe the line and so it is the government that chooses who is and isn’t suspect or worthy of investigation. To be honest, everyone in this age of total surveillance is presumed guilty until proven guilty. This powerful weaponry tactic was employed by the US government against people we now revere in American history, people like Martin Luther King Jr. whom the FBI had under 24-hour surveillance. The FBI even said to Mr. King Jr. that he should kill himself and make it easier for his family. The FBI contacted King’s wife and told her about extramarital affairs he was having in hopes it would sow discord in his family life. Pretty pathetic stuff from the so-called “good guy” office.


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