Protesters denounce the opening of a new pet store in Kanawha County



SOUTH CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Protesters gathered outside Petland in South Charleston on Saturday, October 10 to share concerns about the company. The store recently opened on Mountaineer Boulevard.

Protesters said they believed Petland should be shut down and the national channel overrated and mistreated the animals and got their puppies from puppy mills. A protester, Amber Costello, said she works in the veterinary field and often sees people bringing in sick puppies bought from the chain.

“No reputable breeder sells puppies to pet stores,” Costello said. “Puppies cost over $ 10,000 and are often sick. Personally, I work in the veterinary field and I personally see Petland puppies getting sick that owners cannot afford to treat.

Costello says the national chain has an alleged history of not caring for animals properly and not getting their animals from puppy mills. She says the group is protesting to let consumers know about the claims so they can decide how to go ahead with adding a pet to their family.

“If you want to buy a puppy, that’s fine. Get a reputable breeder, ”Costello said. “You’re going to want genes on both parents to make sure you have a healthy puppy. You want the parents there and you want a contract.

The company claims on its website that it only obtains its animals from USDA licensed breeders and distributors who “are committed to improving animal welfare.” The company also says its employees and store owners visit these licensed and inspected breeders to make sure they meet Petland’s standards for animal welfare.

According to Petland’s website, the company is also investigating allegations that breeding facilities do not meet required standards.

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