San Diego Humane Society cites Escondido pet store for illegal puppy sales



Escondido news

Google Maps, 6/2017

The San Diego Humane Society’s humanitarian law enforcement this week released a citation to Broadway Puppies in Escondido, for eight breaches of partnership breach with a rescue that has a valid cooperative agreement with at least one public shelter or private.

The Humane Society has ordered Broadway Puppies to halt all sales of pets until they stock up on a California shelter or rescue group with a valid cooperative agreement.

“The San Diego Humane Society is deeply concerned about the sale of puppies from puppy mills,” said Bill Ganley, chief law enforcement officer. “Our agents enforce applicable laws, but unfortunately the law as written today does not allow us to legally prevent these stores from importing puppies from outside the state of California.”

According to the Humane Society, “Since the enactment of AB 485 in 2019, most California pet stores with questionable supply chains have closed their doors, but some have found loopholes in the law to continue importing. breeding puppies. Buyers should be aware that some of the animals in these pet stores may be from puppy (or kitten) factories located out of state. They were born to overbred mothers housed in inhumane conditions. As a result, animals are often in poor health, leading to heartbreaking discoveries once home. “

The San Diego Humane Society is actively working on legislation that will correct existing loopholes. SDHS sponsors AB 2152, “Bella’s Act”, to officially end the retail sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in California.



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