The adventures of Carrot the Parrot! Cherry Hill parrot travels 100 miles from home and back


A beloved pet is home safely after an adventure that took her nearly 100 miles across the state.

Warren, 8, and his parents Suzanne and Rob Ferland are delighted to have their pet bird home after Carrot the parrot went missing for nearly two months.

On February 7, Carrot flew out of her South Jersey home.

“We made posters and we hung them in the neighborhood, says Suzanne Ferland. “We kept calling – put everything on Facebook about all the lost and found sites.”

Devastated but determined, the family did not give up on Carrot.

Six weeks after Carrot took off from Cherry Hill, she landed 90 miles away in Jersey City Heights. Kindergarten teacher Sarah Watson saw the colorful bird on her balcony.

Watson says she was able to pick up Carrot and pet her. She called the Liberty Humane Society, which hosted Carrot, while Watson took to social media. A few hours later, Suzanne Ferland contacted Watson.

“I called Sarah, said I think you might have my bird. Can I send you pictures and videos and you tell me if it’s her?” said Suzanne Ferland.

“Carrot’s discoverer has been very involved in this, really invested in trying to figure out where this bird came from and how the hell can we get it back to the people who lost it,” said Irene Borngraeber, executive director of Liberty Humane Society.

Animal welfare experts say it’s a miracle that Carrot flew this far and survived the winter elements.

Carrot’s family started a Facebook fundraiser for the Liberty Humane Society to thank Carrot for taking care of him.

While Carrot was missing, they got another bird named Pickles to keep his heartbroken friend Peas company.


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