The father did not give money to pay off the debt, the son did such a thing that you will be shocked


Raise : In Raisen, MP, a son attacked his father’s head with an ax and killed him. Police took the body into custody and sent it for an autopsy. In this case, the accused son and his two friends were taken into custody. Police seized the ax used in the murder. It is said that there is a conflict of ownership behind this murder. Police are currently investigating the incident in depth.

Police said Shankar Lal Gaur, a resident of Hazli village under the Obedulganj police station area, died in a suspicious condition on February 13. When a search was launched in the case, it was found that the criminal’s eldest son, along with his two friends, had killed his father in a property dispute. The police arrested two of his friends, including the criminal son, in the murder case and sent them to jail.

To resolve the incident, the police took the help of the canine squad along with the FSL team. Due to the interrogation, there was a doubt about the son of the deceased. Again, when questioned strictly, it was revealed that he was very worried about the debt. Due to his father’s lack of money, he conspired to kill along with his friends. Police arrested criminals Hariom Gaur, Mansingh Igne, Amit Lovanshi. The criminals also confessed to his crime. Additional Police Superintendent Amrit Meena said the blood-soaked HSV of Shankar Lal Gaur was found in Hazli village on the morning of February 13. The youngest son of the deceased Rajkumar alias Raju Gaur had informed the police.

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