The power of persuasion: Grimsby students help four-legged friends at the Lincoln County Humane Society

Grade 3 students at Central Public School in Grimsby are hoping to help get some animals from the Lincoln County Humane Society adopted. From left to right: Anna Langlois, Ryan Jents and Hannah Krugel.
  • A persuasive writing project for 3rd graders at Central Public School will also serve as a way to get Lincoln County Humane Society animals adopted.

A class of 3rd graders tests children’s persuasive skills in hopes of finding homes for pets in need.

Last week, students in Heidi Stricko’s class at Central Public School in Grimsby completed a persuasive writing project that goes beyond the classroom.

After receiving a virtual tour from the Lincoln County Humane Society, the students were given the identity of an animal currently housed by the Humane Society and in need of adoption. They were instructed to write a convincing letter on behalf of the animal.

The letters were delivered to the LCHS on Friday and will be on display to hopefully convince someone to open their house.

“Some pets weren’t noticed,” said Anna Langlois, who wrote about a dog named Coco who is looking for a new home.

Stricko follows some animal rescue groups on social media and has seen other classes do something similar. She said students tend to respond better to projects “if they’re given something that has a purpose.”

And in this case, the students responded eagerly, researching their pets and everything a potential pet owner should know.

One such student, Ryan Jents, made sure to include the fact that this six-month-old New Zealand mixed rabbit he wrote about “likes to snuggle up to his owner.”

The students were also thrilled with the virtual tour of LCHS where they were able to learn more about the work of the organization.

Stricko said she hopes the coins will help get at least a few animals adopted.

For more information about the LCHS and the pets the organization has available for adoption, visit or the LHS Facebook page.


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