Watch: Dublin pet shop parrot drops an F-bomb in front of amused customers


Coco the African Gray Parrot is a 25 year old bird who calls Kinsealy Pet Store home.

The cheeky creature, which often walks along the floor of the store and “torments other birds”, is quite bold in its use of language and, according to store staff, is more than familiar with a certain F-word.

In fact, Coco decided to drop the F-bomb a few times when she was visited by Dublin Live.

While Coco can be heard spitting out some rather colorful language, Kinsealy Pet Store is also home to Rosie, an Australian Cockatoo who can be heard making what you would call nicer noises, chirping and singing for customers.

The parrots, as John the store clerk explains, are not for sale. Rather, they are the mascots of the store.

John joked: “People come with the intention of buying a fish, then they want to buy a parrot.”

He revealed, “Parrots can live almost 50 years.”

Coco the African Gray Parrot at Kinsealy Pet Store

He then continues by showing us the back of the shop, where there is a small enclosure where customers will find hamsters. Meanwhile, in the back room, there are rabbits, guinea pigs, meerkats and chinchillas.

Also, towards the back of the store, there is the tropical fish section.

John also introduced us to some of the exotic reptiles in the shop, such as Sudsie, the Sudan Plated Lizard.

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